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Please note: we are not taking orders until February 2017.

Solar Guard Rail Lights

Guard rails can sometimes blend into darkness of the night. Especially in adverse weather conditions. Now offer drivers a lighted path along guard rails by installing Solar Guard Rail lights. Automatically turn on when the sun sets.

Units can be ordered flashing or steady on. Our recommendation is to use one flashing unit at the start of the corner to add a warning signal for drivers to take caution and slow down. Then outline the rest of the curve with steady on units.

Large solar panel gives a quick charge even in dark cloudy conditions.


Common guard rails can blend into the darkness of the night. With the addition of fog or rain the drivers visibility is worsened. This is even more dangerous for a sharp corner or bend where at speeds of 80-100 km per hour all it takes is a few seconds for driver error to result in a road crash.


Solar Guard Rail Lights Provide drivers a clear view of the guard rail and highlight in advance a bend in the road.

Solar Guard Rail lights could also be used to slow drivers down on approach to a dangerous bend or hazardous shoulder by adding a few flashing units at the start of the bend, followed by non flashing units.


  • Set and Forget, maintence free
  • weather resistant and durable housing
  • Solar Powered
  • 1 year Warranty


  • Size: 255x82x53mm  
  • Illuminance: 3 large LEDs  
  • Pattern: steady-on or flash
  • Colours: Red, White, Amber, blue, green
  • Lifespan: 4 years
  • Visibility: 1 km +
  • Installation: virtually takes minutes using tamper proof screws which will deter any possible theft.
  • Operation time: Non Flash/Steady 80 hours Flash: 120 Hours
  • Luminous Intensity: >20000 mcd


Guard Rail

Guard Rail

Guard Rail