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Please note: we are not taking orders until February 2017.

LED Traffic Cone Covers

Video of LED Cone covers at work 2.8 Mb

Excellent for Police, RBT units, Road works, Fire, Ambulance, Emergencies.

* 20 Super Bright LED lights 360 degrees around cover

* 2x backup reflective strip

* LED lights can be seen from over 1 km away

* Durable, Water resistant

* Battery operated by 3 AA batteries, last over 400 hours of use (depending on quality of battery)

* on and off switch

* comes BLUE or RED - 3 light modes - 2 flash types, and constant on

* also a RED model which has a left/right directional arrow which flashes

Cone Cover

Cone Cover

Cone Cover

Cone Cover

Cone Cover