The Roadsafe Company

Please note: we are not taking orders until February 2017.

The future in road safety is here now!



Specialists in Road Safety at night in the development, manufacture, and sales of quality solar road markers, solar cat eyes, solar road studs or solar raised pavement markers.

We have been trialling and testing solar road markers since 2006 from most manufacturers world-wide with Councils and Road Authorities across Australia. 95% of these markers have failed on-road trials due to many factors such as compression damage, cracked solar panels, moisture, heat damage to batteries and vibration.

Some models have lasted well 'off-road', and are still working for over 5 years now. We are trialling new models that have been improved in 2013 and are working with a few manufacturers on improving these markers.

Tell us your application for the markers and we can point you in the right direction.